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rants of a vidder

27 August
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ilovedrwilson @ livejournal.com

if you wanted some details....

ilovedrwilson --> goes by becca. 21 years old. currently attending college and working towards a music education degree. i live in the great state of texas. i am a believer in Christ. i love music. i love to sing. i want to be an opera singer. but when i was a kid i wanted to be a music video editor. i'm shy but outgoing. i don't believe in judging people...i believe in loving people.

communities --> ruby_stills and wilson_stills but both have died. wilson_writes for fanfiction. lilyrosebloom for graphics.

fandoms I love and currently follow/obsess --> supernatural. merlin. doctor who.

fandoms I love but not currently obsessing --> star wars. lord of the rings. firefly. serenity. torchwood. gundam wing.

fandoms I used to love --> house md. sailor moon.

give credit where it's due:

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